Flying Solo in Vegas, Part 2

While I was happy I had arrived at my hotel room without any problems, I was tired, hungry, and a little sweaty from the journey.  I was also behind my planned schedule by several hours due to my missed flight and the long walk from the Wynn.  I had planned to head out to the outlet mall after settling in to my room since I would have had more than 5 hours until the concert. With the delay I decided to do the outlet mall the next day. I had bought a sandwich on the way from Wynn and so I ate it, took a nap, and then a shower.  Feeling all refreshed I put on the skirt and top I brought for the concert (a simple black cotton skirt from Jones New York and one of my endless Kohl’s t-shirts). Since I had some time I applied some nail covers I had bought from Etsy. They are precolored vinyl nail covers that are applied with heat (no glue). They don’t extend your nails but just provide color. For fun I selected the black one which gave me a slightly edgy look. It was a little weird at first but I eventually came to really like the black color.

I left my room and wandered down to street level for some walking. I planned to walk down to the “Miracle Mile” shops but they were too far and so I crossed over the Caesar’s casino and shops and walked around there. The shops are all high end and so I just looked.  I had a quick dinner there and headed to the concert.

I took a bus to the Wynn as I did not want to walk anymore. There is a bus that runs up and down the Strip and so I took it. It was only a couple of stops but saved lots of walking. I explored the Wynn, bought some overpriced ice cream, and went into the concert. The concert was nice and completely uneventful. I used the ladies restroom at intermission without any issues or odd looks from other women. After the concert I walked back to my room and went to bed. I felt really good about the day.

The next day I slept in a bit as I was really tired from the day before. I did not feel like wearing the jeans and so I kept with the skirt from the night before but with a different top. I wore the same suede boots I had worn on the flight down from SFO. I headed down to get some breakfast. I thought about going someplace and ordering breakfast but ended up with just some yogurt at a takeout place in the casino. I sat at a table for a while and watch people go by. As with the rest of my time, I did not seem to attract any unusual attention from the hundreds of people who walked by.

I headed back up to my room, packed my suitcase, and went to checkout. It was all automated  and so it went smoothly. I used Uber to get a ride to the outlet mall. My driver barely spoke any English (and I remember almost no Spanish) and so we had an amusing time trying to communicate with one another. He laughed, I laughed, and we ended up just listenting to the radio. He dropped me off at the outlet mall.

I had been to the mall lots of times in boy mode but never as Robin and so I was looking forward to it. I placed my suitcase in a locker and explored the mall. Unfortunately after spending hours visiting dozens of shops, I found almost nothing I liked (or could afford). It all just seemed uninteresting to me. All the freedom to shop and nothing to buy! I ended up buying a T-shirt top at the Calvin Klein store that I liked (marked down to $13 from $45) and some tall boots from the ECCO store. I needed new boots since the ones I had were stolen (along with a lot of other things) from the storage unit were I stored Robin things (but thay is  another blog topic).  The boots are real leather, very nice, and very comfortable. I have another pair of ECCO boots and just love them. They are one of my indulgences.

At that point I still had 4 hours until my flight and so I had time for lunch. One of my silly goals for the trip was to have a meal at a “sitdown” restaurant rather than just fast food. I have had lots of meals at sitdown restaurants as Robin but always with someone (and with uniformly good experiences). This time I was going on my own. For some reason I had avoided doing it but it was now time to deal with it. There was a Chili’s across the parking lot and that seemed like a good place. I walked over to it and went in the door. I was greeted warmly by a hostess who seated me at a table. Eventually a waitress came over, chatted a little, and took my order. I had my tablet and so I did some reading while waiting for lunch to arrive. She brought the food, I ate, and then I paid. It was so completely normal that I was left wondering (again) what exactly I was worried about. That happens a lot to me when I am out in Robin mode, I worry about how bad some situation can go and then discover than absolutely nothing unusual happens.

After lunch it was time to get my suitcase from the locker, call another Uber driver, and head to the airport. My flight was at 4pm and it was now around 2pm and so I would have lots of time at the airport. My Uber driver was friendly and we chatted about my trip and Vegas in general. At the airport he helped me with my suitcase and I headed into the terminal. I printed my boarding pass and headed to security. Given how well the trip had gone, I was very relaxed. I was going to achieve another of my silly goals: to fly wearing a skirt.

The security line was rather empty and so I walked right up to the TSA agent and handed her my ticket and passport. She was a relatively young woman who took calmly took my papers and then the fun started. She looked my papers, looked at me, looked at my papers, and sat there for a while not moving. She had an approval stamp for my papers which she moved toward my ticket, then pulled it back, then moved it forward, then pulled it back. She must have started to stamp it at least 4 times. Her indecision was sort of amusing. Finally she took a breath, stamped it, handed it all back to me, and said to have a good flight. I headed to the scanning machines, put everything in the scanner, and walked through the metal detector. Since I have TSA precheck, I get to skip the body scanner which can be a problem for TGs. The agent waved me through the scanner, I picked up my suitcase and purse, and headed to my gate.

I still had 90 minutes before the flight and so I walked around the gate area, got a soda and magazine, and then just sat and read. My journey was just about done. Soon it was time to board and so I got in line. The ticket agent took my ticked without any unusual reactions and I was on the plane. We took off and soon landed at SFO. I left the plane, took the airtrain to my car, and headed out.

It was a great trip. I did everything I wanted as Robin and had no problems at all. Everyone I met treated me with the same respect they showed other people. It was so normal that it was almost boring (which is a good thing). I now need to figure out my next trip!



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