Discovering Gay Square Dancing

I have this theory that there are 3 phases of non-updated blogs.

In the first phase of non-updating, the excuse is that I am too tired, too busy, have nothing interesting to say, etc to create an entry. This is sort of understandable given we all have busy lives and it often results in skipping an update or two but not too many.

In the second phase, usually after weeks or even months of not posting, guilt sets in and the excuse becomes that since I have not posted for so long, I need to come up with something really interesting to say in order to make it up to those readers who have been checking in, looking for some update. This phase can end by coming up with something interesting to say that will excuse the long delay.

In the third phase, usually have many months or even years of not posting, shame sets in. One simply becomes too embarrassed to post anything. One tells oneself that it has been so long since I posted something that my readers must have given up hope and that if I post something  they will all think I am some kind of flake or maybe just desperate.

I have been somewhere between phases two and three for the last few months. I was in phase one for awhile as work and life got crazy which lead to nothing interesting to say.  I was also sort of discouraged about the antics of our new president. Still the urge to write has been building and so I am starting again. Fortunately I have something fun to write about: Gay Square Dancing. I will start in this blog and continue in the next posting.

As readers of this blog may recall, I seldom go to TG themed gatherings. I don’t go to bars, conventions, or even simple group meetings. I much prefer to spend my time “out in the real world” be it shopping, going to concerts and movies, eating out, running errands, visiting with a few friends, etc. Fortunately I have had nothing but positive experiences “in the real world” in hundreds or maybe thousands of outings. Over time, however,  I have grown restless in these situations because I feel that there is so much more to experience in my preferred gender.

I have long desired to be part of some ordinary but ongoing activity that involves all sorts of people and to do so in my preferred gender. I have often thought about volunteering with some group such as sorting food, taking care of animals, helping homeless people, etc. I have also thought about signing up for a university extension type course that I could attend in person and interact with the teacher as well as other students.  For various reasons, including other time commitments and lack of courage I have not pursued any of these very far. Hence I have felt sort of “stuck” for a long time.

Things changes suddenly a few weeks ago when I received a Meetup email that mentioned a group called  that did “Gay Square Dancing”. This immediately intrigued me as I like dancing and have long wanted to be able to dance the women’s steps rather than the men’s. I have thought about ballroom dancing and English country dancing but was worried about being partnered with some guy who would react badly to me. I found their web site and it seemed exactly what I wanted. They were clearly LGBTQ friendly (they said so several times on their web page) and so I figured what did I have to lose? The only issue was that the dance was being held in a church in a nearby city and I worried I might bump into someone I knew but that seemed unlikely. It was being held on a Friday evening on which the rest of the family was occupied elsewhere and so the timing would be perfect. All I had to do was to actually go.

Next time: I go square dancing!!




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